Septic & Pumping Services

Keeping your world cleaner and healthier.

Septic services are not something most people want to think about. That’s what Anne’s Cans is here for! We do all the dirty work and disposal so you don’t have to think about it. We also take the time to research the best methods of disposal because we believe sustainability is the key to our future.

Not only do we provide basic commercial and residential septic services, we also have the equipment for emergency services, indoor services, as well as camper/RV services.


No matter the size and scope of the septic service you need, we have the trucks and experienced staff to handle the waste.

We can provide small services such as RV pumping, special event services such as cleaning portable restrooms, and regularly scheduled residential septic pumping and emergency pumping.


Indoor septic pumping jobs require special equipment and Anne’s Cans has both the equipment and trained staff to do these indoor jobs properly and with little to no extra mess.

If you are not sure what equipment best suits your problem, call us for the solution!


With the influx of fast food and sit-down restaurants, both commercial and at-home cooking grease has become an environmental problem, as well as a problem to local sewage maintenance.

Call Anne’s Cans today to find out how we can help you with removal and sustainable disposal of grease.

We Think About Waste So You Don't Have To

Not sure what you need or where you need it? Don't understand sanitary issues? We've got it covered! Anne's Cans has been handling other people's waste for more than 40 years. We have the experience and equipment to get you through your event, construction job or emergency.